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Buying used cars, like everything else comes with its set of benefits and drawbacks. One of the evident advantages is the lack of depreciating value and other indirect costs. Used car purchase enables a customer to own his/her dream car of a newer make and model but at a quite less cost. But it should also be noted that used cars carry several disadvantages such as growing maintenance cost, if not insured and very less re-sale value due to the make becoming obsolete. At times the non-availability of paper work and the legal documentations of the used cars can be a major problem during resale or name transfers.However, with the pros and cons kept in mind, the purchase of used cars can be found fruitful in a way that the vehicle so purchased can be used to the fullest and even in case of a commercial vehicle the efficiency can be utilized to the optimum level.  The last decade has seen a steady growth in the used car market and this is specifically due to the emergence of organized used car dealers who actually offer a plethora of services at the best rates and even offer the best quality used vehicles. With these organized used car dealers opening up simultaneous web portals, consumer can now buy used cars online wherein the overall make and description of a vehicle can be checked before hand and also the additional services which come with it, post this the physical verification and final deal can be concluded.

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  • A few tips which before buying used cars are –
  • a. Warranty Check – Even if the used car in question carries an old warranty certification, a secondary warranty should always be opted for. However, this should relevantly be done only after the initial warranty of the car is well checked and referred to with the Transport Authority and insurer. The secondary warranty should only be opted if the amount of extra premium is reasonable and not very high. A person may end up shelling out more than a part of the depreciated value of a car, if not the secondary warranty premium is checked.
  • b. Documentation – Not only for purchase of cars but for any valuable asset purchase, the documentation of the transaction and other immediate technical information and lags should be noted and well documented before going ahead with the final deal. This ensures that any future failure or unprecedented lag can be referred back with the seller.
  • c. Legal Documentation – Before going ahead with the purchase the legitimacy of the documentation and the technical paper works should be cross checked with the transport authority. This ensures the car has a proper input in the books of the government, which can be clubbed with the name of the owner.
  • d. Choice – It goes without saying that one should wisely choose a car. This ensures that the after sales services are properly available for the car. An older car model makes it more vulnerable to becoming obsolete faster. A car of a newer model can be serviced for a longer period of time and the spare parts are easily available. Also, a newer model fetches more after sale value.
  • With customers having a plethora of choices to buy used cars online through organized used car sellers, there are lesser chances of car deals going wrong.

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