We will only have access to the information provided by the User voluntarily through email or other
direct contact with the User through the Website and / or mobile application. We may only collect and
store the following personal data of the User:
• Full name;
• Email;
• Private and / or cell phone number;
• Private and / or conventional domicile;
• Credit card number and issuing bank;
• Name of the holder of the credit card;
• Due date of the credit card;
• Occupation and place of employment (labor data);
• Third party identification data (when providing the personal data of third parties, the User expresses
that they have the consent of the owner of the personal data);
• Credit card security code.


The Personal Data collected will be used by us for the following main purposes:
• Execution of the services provided by us to its Users (Sellers and / or Buyers);
• Carrying out procedures, procedures and necessary procedures for the acquisition of vehicles;
• For the commercialization of goods and services to its Users;
• Processing on behalf of the User, with insurance companies, to acquire a policy;
• Processing of billing requests and clarifications;
• Management before the competent authorities for the registration of motor vehicles before the
vehicle registry of the State in question;
• Response to queries raised by Users (Sellers and / or Buyers);
• Processing, updating, modification, cancellation and confirmation of the Services contracted by the
User, through the Website and / or mobile application, by their own means, for financial and credit
purposes, and

• Comply with the obligations assumed by the User with us.
Likewise, the Personal Data collected may be used for the following additional purposes, which are not
directly related to the services provided by us, but which help us to provide better service to its Users /
• Management, administration, extension, improvement and monitoring of the services provided by us
to Users / Clients, including the following services for informational and operational purposes of us for
Users: evaluation of quality of services, participation in contests, reception of news and information of
us, reception of special offers of us and reception of our newsletters, marketing, advertising and
commercial prospection.
The holders of the Personal Data can immediately request the cancellation of the sending of advertising
emails by us at any time, sending this request to the e-mail address.
For the case in which you do not want your personal data to be treated in accordance with these
purposes, from this moment you can contact us at our email address, following the procedure described
in the comprehensive Privacy Notice found available on this Website.
Comprehensive Privacy Notice
To know more information about the terms and conditions in which your personal data will be
processed, as well as the third parties with whom we share your personal information and how to
exercise your rights, you can consult the comprehensive Privacy Notice that is available on this Site.