Cars are genuine polarity. On one side, they give a stage toward a superior way of life – occupations more remote afieldare reachable via Car. They give chances to entertainment, access to better stores and showcases and the flexibility to move where we need, when we need.

On the opposite side, some claim they deny us of our wellbeing, make us subject to them for our opportunity and deliver contamination. It’s this last part stresses many individuals on the planet, not just car deliver air contamination it is increment step by step and it does exceptionally unfriendly effect on our well-being. Vehicle discharges can influence the condition a few ways, Air contamination comprises of strong particles and gasses. Numerous poisons are cancer-causing agents. Individuals who take in these toxic substances are at a higher hazard for asthma and regenerative framework harm, youngsters and the elderly are especially helpless to the well-being impacts from these poisons. Presently nowadays air quality is extremely bed.

We first need to come with terms with the fact that car pollution is a problem. Lack of knowledge about the role of cars and air pollution also plays a role. The lack of knowledge includes fear of change and suspicion of regulations: Some factors combined have helped to contribute to the car pollution issue, because consumers do not know much about car pollution and its affect on the environment but have an emotional reaction to what they to hear.

Be that as it may, there are a couple of conceivable answers for the auto contamination issue, and it’s not only a change of fuel. To truly achieve change, people need to change their state of mind towards auto and reevaluate their part in our lives. Above all, there is nobody enchantment arrangement. Every little stride is coordinated with a bigger entire; every one is a piece of the other, and nobody single step can push forward fundamentally without assistance from the others.



When Using Your CarBy driving economically for example , accelerating gently and obeying traffic rules and speed limits . you use less petrol / Diesel not only do you save money. You produce less pollution and reduce the likelihood of having an accident. Also consider leaving your car at home one day a week or fortnight. By using public transport , car sharing, or a sustainable method of travel(Walking or Biking) to get to work and about, you can improve your level of fitness and the state of the environment.



Following these smart driving practices will save fuel, reduce air pollutant emissions and reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.


Accelerate Smoothly

: try to reduce the need to slow and then accelerate by anticipating traffic conditions in front of you.

Avoid Aggressive City Driving

Starts from traffic lights and hard braking reduced travel time by only 4% (the equivalent of 2.5 minutes out of 60 minutes trip). However, fuel consumption increased by 37% and some toxic emissions were more than five times higher.

Slow Down:

excessive highway speeds add to fuel consumption over the same distance.Avoid idling for long periods : Generally idling for more than 30 seconds wastes fuel and produces additional pollution.


Switch Off Your Car At Red Signal

– To reduce pollution and save fuel


Park Your Car Properly

If you park you car sensibly you can help the other people to park his car comfortably which cause you help to contribute to less traffic.

Many cars offers the ability to use alternative fuels and alternative method to power your car. This includes Electric-Powered Hybrid cars, and cars that use alternative fuels, like Biodiesel fuels and Natural Gas. By learning more about these cars and fuels, you can find you a car that will release less pollution.

Avoid idling for long periods, your car idles anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes a day on average, depending on driving conditions. Idling your car for 2 minutes uses about the same amount of gas as going one mile. If you are sitting longer than 10 seconds, it’s wise to turn off your car as those 10 seconds will use the same amount of fuel as it would take to restart the engine being shut down.

Ask your employer if you can do flexible working . By starting and leaving work during non-peak traffic periods , Say 8am to 4pm or 10 am to 6 pm , you will contribute less to congestion and produce less pollution and save fuels too as a result of not idling in traffic jams.Or if possible to consider home working. Doing so one day a week would reduce the pollution you produce by approximately 20% per week.

Use The Recommended Engine Oil And Fuel Grade For The Vehicle.

Repairs Any Leaks In the Exhaust System.
Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated –

Under and over inflated tires have an effect on the rolling resistance of the car. Properly inflated tires can improve mileage .

Reduce The Weight In Your Car –

Every 100 pounds (45.4 kilograms) reduce fuell efficiency by 1 to 2 percent

By finding ways to prevent car pollution, you can have big impact upon the environment, your health and your finances. You will be amazed by how much money you can save by taking care of your car in the best way possible. It is our responsibility to take care of the environment, because everything that we do can have an effect that can make a difference in the future life and world of our children and grandchildren. By learning ways to prevent car pollution, you can help make an impact that will keep giving year after year.






Traffic Control

Dire Consequences Of Traffic Congestion In Cities

The Metro Cities have become used to experience the massive traffic jams routinely, as the conditions usually become worse during peak hours. Occasionally, the rain and festive seasons make traffic congestion unbearable for the commuters. There are so many short-term and long-term consequences that have been caused by massive traffic congestion in cities.

  • Loss of Time
  • Loss of Human Energy
  • Loss of Money
  • Loss of Natural Resources
  • Loss of Human Productivity
  • High Rate Of Traffic Fatalities
  • Rise in Stress Levels
  • Rise in the Incidents of Traffic Violation
  • Rise in the Incidents of Road Rage
  • Rise in Pollution
  • Delays to Access Emergency Services etc….

How Can We Try To Solve Traffic Issues:

– If we look no one drives in lanes, everyone wants to overtake and that causes major traffic jam, Buses,
Autos and Trucks they should only in left lane, no question of having Truck/Bus in right lane. Right lane should be for fast moving vehicles, but we have habit
of making left turn from right lane and vice versa and that also without giving indicator. Special lane for Bicycles and Bikes so that they can drive without
getting hit. How many times we have seen Bikers driving dangerously.

– Look around you and you will see how many cars and vehicles are parked along the road , either they should not be allowed to park on road or make parking very high, Footpaths are for walking but can you really walk on footpath as every shop has encroached upon it.

If a car is carrying more than 2 people then they should be giving priority and they can be given incentive can be monetary or any other form.

Lot of traffic comes from outside metro cities so give them incentives to park there vehicles at border and from there buses will take them to nominated areas, those parking tickets can be used as bus tickets this will generate income for government also.

Lot of traffic comes from outside metro cities so give them incentives to park there vehicles at border and from there buses will take them to nominated areas, those parking tickets can be used as bus tickets this will generate income for government also.

You cannot keep on building roads as space is limited but you can increase public issues, if not big one then even small one do but they should be real buses not the one those are always getting broken down put onus on bus drivers to run them efficiently and no time and these buses should reach last mile.

Take help of companies and see if it feasible they can change working hour instead of starting offices between 9 -10 they can change it so that every one does not start driving at same time. Same way weekly off day can be changed and shift times can be changed.

In end it is only people who can help in changing it no government order or law can do anything. Most importantly what you are giving to your coming generation, Educate to people how to drive be smart driver.

Please always obeys Traffic Rules

  • Never Use Mobiles on When You Driving
  • Always Wear Seat Belt
  • Don’t Drink and Drive
  • Don’t Rash /Over Speeding Driving
  • Do Always Safe and Smart Driving