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Is it worth buying a cheap used car?4544

New or second-hand car? I’ve been thinking for a while that the Second Hand Cars market is inflated, just like the housing market. Prices are high because there is a lot of demand, partly because of the belief that a second-hand car is cheaper than a new one. And in absolute terms it is, but you have to think about all the variables, such as the probability of having breakdowns, the average cost of these, how long they will come, and so on. The difference with the house is that they are limited and there is no other option but to pay a does not happen: there are any cars this does not happen: there is no limit of new units.

Why Demand of old car sales is increasing day by day
In times of crisis, the search for cheap new cars has become a necessity for many. The Second Hand Cars For Sale market may be tempting, but the cheapest new cars on the market compete almost directly with the used option, providing a plus guarantee and a significant reduction in purchase risk, in addition to the added value of brand new car.
Manufacturers are perfectly aware of this need and have been launching interesting offers for a long time and even models or complete brands whose philosophy is to offer new cars, but so cheap that they are available to almost any pocket. We have them almost in each category, so let’s try to collect them.

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