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Tips to sell your old car
Although the depreciation of your car starts the same day you take it out of the dealership, there are small details of its set-up that can help you sell it better. Everyone prefers a clean and good-looking car that is well-maintained even if it is old . Repairing the small defects of the car probably will not help you to increase its price, although it can help you not devalue excessively, especially with private buyers and dealers.

Keep in mind that not all the arrangements are worthwhile: some repairs may end up being more expensive than what you will earn selling the car. In what is worth investing your money.

  • Replace the tires, especially if they are very worn.
    Polish the body scratches in the workshop or with a specific product.
    Change the oil in the car if you have not done it for a long time.
    Thoroughly clean the exterior of the car.
    Fix the most obvious defects, such as worn brakes, a light that does not work or a broken window.

If in spite of all these attempts you are finding it difficult to get rid of your old vehicle, it is good that you know that in we are interested in it. We buy all kinds of cars regardless of their age, condition or mileage, and we offer a fair and competitive price within the second-hand buying and selling market. You just have to price your car on our website and then go to one of our subsidiaries if you are interested in the value we give you.

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