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Cars that should be bought used and not new4544

cars that should be bought used and not new

Many people dream of having a luxury car or supercar, one of those cars that make anyone drool in their wake
Even so, there are those who manage to buy a luxury car or supercar based on pawning all their goods and savings. They are mortgaged to fulfill a dream. The problem comes, in most cases, when they realize that to have a luxury car or supercar not only have to have the money to buy it
It is possible to get a very good used vehicle at a much more affordable price
Some vehicles depreciate due to the introduction of a new model, while others depreciate because many of them are in the market agglomerating dealerships .
While it is true that each new car depreciates as soon as it leaves the dealership, some used car offers are better than those of new cars. This may not be good for the seller, but for the used car buyer it is an opportunity to find a good vehicle at a good price.
The result is a diverse list of almost new cars from Best Car Service that offer the most savings in consumption, without having to pay for a new one. Here is the list

1. Hyundai Genesis

The Genesis is Hyundai’s attempt to move several luxury segments and a considerable success that, until now, the company has had. The first generation of the Genesis combines the style and luxury of a full-size Lexus and the Mercedes Benz sedans for almost half the price.
The introduction of the new 2015 model last year caused the price of 2013 models to plummet with a surprising 38.2% less . On some sites, buyers were able to buy a latest Genesis model of 2013 with few miles, averaging $ 16,600 less than a new one.

2. Smart ForTwo

One of the least seen cars on the road today. The Smart ForTwo is a micro city car, with a size very appreciated by buyers who like its peculiar appearance , good gas mileage, and easy maneuverability.

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